Looking for a speaker for training or a conference? We can help with that through a variety of topics. If there is a topic that you are looking for but don't see on the list please feel free to contact us. 


Essential Skills:

Time Management

·         Discuss practical ways to manage time more effectively and prioritize tasks.


Goal Setting

·         Many people have dreams that they want to fulfill but until there is a plan in place they will not be reached. Throughout this workshop individuals will plan their short and long-term goals, make a plan to achieve these goals and discuss avoiding the usual road blocks that may prevent them from reaching their goals.

Assertiveness – Speaking Your Mind

·         74% of people suffer from “glossophobia” or speaking in public.  Whether they have an audience of one or many, this fear may prevent them from leading a satisfying life because they are unable to voice their needs.  This workshop will assist individuals in overcoming the paralysing fear of using their voices.


Team Work

·         People have different styles of learning and working; being part of a team may raise unexpected conflicts. This workshop will aid the individual in learning about and understanding what motivates their counterparts so that they are able to work toward a common goal.

Problems: Solving Them and Coping with them            

For the Person who already has too much on their plate…

·         This information session will define what causes the overwhelmed person to cease making effective and productive decisions in their lives, thus leading to problems and issues which they now feel unable to resolve. This workshop combines time management, goal-setting and relaxation techniques so the participant leaves with a full and useable “toolkit”.

Journaling and Arts to Cope:

Practicing Self-Care through the arts is a means of coping with current stressors and/or Healing from Past Trauma

·         Examples of content include:  Vision boarding (using recycled, reclaimed objects); Journaling (both creating one’s own journal and the daily practice of writing); Abstract Art (using reclaimed objects) to create original pieces.

·         Discussion will center around how this type of work is mindful, cathartic and, therefore, healing.

Building Self Confidence:

Embracing You

·         Being the person that you want to be sounds easier than it is with so many conflicting view points in the world. Sometimes we get brought down by what others say but as long as we remember who we are and stay true to our vision of ourselves, we can build up the self-confidence needed to be our true selves.


Resiliency and What it Means to Me (Bouncing Back)

·         People react to stressors differently and we all know that stress can take a big toll on our spirits and health. Learn how to cultivate resiliency and see how doing so may positively impact your life and how you respond to the various stresses in life.


Embracing Our Imperfections                         

·         This workshop will gently guide participants through defining human imperfection and the predilection many of us have toward self-recrimination for our perceived faults.  This workshop will further guide participants to re-contextualize their definition of self through organized activity and discussion.


Self-Concept:  Yours, Mine, and Ours

·         This workshop focusses on the idea that a concept of ourselves (developed in childhood, through messages about ourselves we may have heard and internalized from our family of origin, educators or other adults around us; or, through messages we came to tell ourselves based on our experiences) can impact our adult selves.  This workshop will provide a definition of self-concept in this context and will provide exercises and tools to overcome and to continually work on overpowering the internal dialogue that no longer serves us.


Mental Health:

Coping Skills:

·         Stress is an everyday part of life and can’t be avoided. However, we can manage our responses to stress. Learn and explore various ways of coping with life’s stresses.

Living with Depression/Anxiety:

·         Mental health illness is an unseen disability that can impact every aspect of someone’s life and the lives of those around them. This workshop will share the experiences of someone living with depression and/or anxiety; it will show how this has impacted their life and how a full life is achievable. Though many live with mental health, many also live fulfilling and wonderful lives.


Nutrition as Rx for Good Mental Health

·         Having proper nutrition and fuelling your body helps to improve both physical and mental well being.


Fitness as Rx For Good Mental Health

·         This information session will seek to explain the importance of exercise in an overall plan to improve mental health specifically and life in general.

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