Randi-Lee’s and Renata’s paths crossed while both worked in the Social Services field.  After many conversations, they realized there was an undeniable connection that crossed generations.  Randi-Lee and Renata are kindred spirits who have decided to team up to help others to realize their potential.


R2 came from the idea that no matter what is happening in our lives we can achieve the things that we want. R2 wants to stop the stigma related to mental health, invisible disabilities and let everyone know that even with struggles you can lead a fulfilling life. 

Renata Dicarmine

Renata DiCarmine

Renata has worked in the Social Services field for 25 years, coming to it via a Disabled older brother.  After volunteering in the field as a child and youth, it was a natural progression to move into the profession with a genuine desire to help others. Overcoming the traumas of childhood abuse, learning to live with anxiety and depression, completing a M.Ed and then having a child with the same proclivities – plus a learning disability – has given her a breadth of experience to speak about and advise others on.  Few know better that there is empowered life after diagnoses.  

Currently, Renata is completing a Teaching Adults Certificate.

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh


Randi-Lee has worked in the Social Services field for 5 years helping others move forward with their goals. She has learned to live with depression - always choosing to keep moving forward. Randi-Lee is the mother of 2; her youngest has Autism so Randi understands the difficulty of parenting a child with Special Needs.  In her spare time, she trains in kickboxing and has represented Team Canada on the International Circuit. In 2016, she received the Silver Medal at the Pan American Kickboxing tournament. Randi-Lee graduated from Niagara College in Pre-Community Services/Community and Justice Services. More than most, Randi-Lee embodies the real-life need of multi-tasking; of working on and achieving multiple goals simultaneously.

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